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Start a beauty business online and travel while making money.

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Ritz Carlton Yacht Experience

Great Deals

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Your Online Travel Agent  Specialist



My name is Gabrielle Novak.

From location and price to amenities and dining options, I will find the right accommodations to meet your needs and preferences. I offer exclusive rates for a huge selection of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and short-term rentals. Give me a call to see what new deals I’ve got in store for you.

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Hotels & Accommodations

Comfort and Value

Hilton Hotels

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Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

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Book your accommodations today.

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Couples Getaway

Spa Package

I know what it takes to plan the perfect vacation. Most of my clients only get to travel once or twice a year, so when they hire me to plan their vacations, I take their requests very seriously. Choose from my selection of amazing travel packages and leave the rest of the details to me.

Travel Tips

Packing Essentials 101

Sandals , Running Shoes, Sunblock , Shirt, Shorts, Pants, Swimming Gear, compass, bottle of water, map, first aid kit and a healthy snack!

Duffle Bag

All About Gabrielle Novak

The Best Travel Agent

Gabrielle Novak has been providing first-class travel planning services and advice since 2021 with Prestige Travel Group. I’m an experienced travel agent and an expert at finding low rates and helping clients secure the best travel deals according to their specific preferences. Dreaming of a getaway? I’ll be happy to make the arrangements for you. Just get in touch!

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